Monday, June 9, 2014

Heart of Haute Sale Rack Review

I am returned, safe and largely sound, from the wilds of Wisconsin!
So I don't think I'm going to be camping again any time soon. Frankly, I don't think any vacation that involves the phrases "swarms of mosquitoes," "tick check," or "'fuck fuck fuck get it off me!' 'Ok, just give me a sec, do you have the lighter?'" is going to be quite my thing.
But anyway, I have a review for you!
While I like the idea of vintage reproduction clothing, I don't buy very much of it. I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a cheapskate, and while repro might be more durable, less precious, and have more sizing options that vintage, it's can also be more expensive. That's why I was really excited to discover that Heart of Haute actually has a dedicated site for their sale items. Now, the reason why they're on sale is that they are imperfect, which may be a deal-breaker for some people. Personally, I don't really care. I buy damaged vintage all the time, items with stains that need to be soaked out, hems that need to be taken up, seams that need repairing and buttons that need to be reattached. They don't sell anything that's unwearable, so for a 30-50% discount, I can deal with an almost imperceptible flaw in the fabric.
Funny story - when I struck this pose I accidentally stuck my elbow in the tree, showering myself with tiny green bugs.
The dress that I purchased was the Sweetie in aqua. The shipping was only about $5, and I had it in under a week. It's a pretty classic, 50s style dress, with a sweetheart halter neckline, full skirt, and waist ties. The dress is unlined, but the fabric is sturdy and irons very easily. Although the instructions say to wash cold and hang dry, I ended up throwing mine in the dryer because I was in a bit of a hurry, and it came out fine.
According to the size chart, I'm on the small end of the measurements for a medium, so that's what I ordered. I think I would have been better off with a small, however, since my rather diminutive bosoms don't come close to filling out the bust. A turbo-charged push-up bra helped me out in that department, but I'd say this style might be better for those ladies with a bit more up top than I've got. Likewise, I had to really tighten up the waist ties to get a good fit on the waist.
The dress is really well made and comfortable, and I love the vivid aqua color, which is very true to what I saw online. I wore a light petticoat for these photos, but I walked around without them for most of the day and it was still really cute. Overall, I recommend this dress and the website very highly.
In other news, I've created a Facebook page for this blog, and I would be so very pleased if you would like it. Check it out here.


  1. Thats awesome, I didnt know that this site was dedicated to sales. I agree honestly I buy vintage because its cheap, well cheap when its found and thrifted by me. I only spend a lot of money on it if I'm in love, or have been searching for one certain style or print. I have admired many reproductions from afar, they hit the nail on the head when it comes to style and kitsch prints but can definitely break the bank. I love this dress on you and the color is amazing!

    1. They can be so cute, can't they? I'm dying over those fairytale print dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, but they are so far out of my budget that I just can't. I'll have to keep an eye out if they go on sale. It doesn't seem likely, but a woman can dream.
      Thank you for the compliment! I'm really loving this dress, honestly. There's a tiny flaw in the fabric that is really invisible unless you're inches from the bottom of my skirt, so I feel like it was a great deal too. I'm definitely going to revisit this site in the future, I love the goods and the prices.

  2. That seconds site is such a wonderful idea. I am totally happy with buying imperfect things! And while I don't mind spending more on clothes, doing so online makes me nervous because I hate having to return things.