Monday, December 15, 2014

Giving the brownies all their spice

Here's me in a pretty dress. I'll get back to that in a second.
But first - can I just live at the Korean spa?
For those of you who haven't experienced a magical place like this, a Korean spa is more of a health spa than a luxury experience. You walk in, and they give you an over-sized set of what are basically cotton pajamas. There are Roman-style baths (hot, hotter, and ice cold), and a steam sauna, which are gender segregated because everyone's naked for this bit. If I ever have kids, I'm taking them there all the time, because nothing promotes a positive body image like seeing a wide range of normal, naked bodies.
When you're ready, you can slip on your comfy jammies (no shoes or socks - the floors are heated) and head out to the common area, where there are a variety of dry saunas that range in temperature from about 80° all the way up to the Sudatorium, which tops out at 275°. When you leave, you're warm, happy, relaxed, and usually stuffed with Korean food. It's just about my favorite place n the world when it's cold out. You can even stay overnight, like I did, and it's really cheap - only $15-30, depending on if you get a Groupon and how good the deal is.
Just one of the 7 or 8 saunas. They're all supposed to have special properties, although the only one that I remember is that the charcoal room is supposed to purify.  Afterwards, I always go to the big Korean supermarket next door and pick up some treats. I don't eat a lot of junk food, but Asian junk food is kind of my jam. If I can't read the label and there's a picture of some kind of dancing seafood on the front, I'm all over it.
Oh my god so goooooood. Ddukbokki chips.
I also picked up some treats for my face in the form of a bunch of snail extract sheet masks, which already seem to be helping my poor skin. They also gave me some little samples of BB cream, and holy crap is it nice. I will definitely be investing in more Korean skin care products in the future, because it really works.
Korean skin care may or may not involve actually skinning people and wearing their face. I mean, that's one way to get prefect skin.
The other really fun thing that I got to do this weekend was wear the dress that I bought myself for Christmas. I mentioned it here, and when it arrived, it was just as beautiful as I had hoped it would be. It's the kind of dress that reminds me why I love vintage so much - it's really well made and still structurally sound, even at 60 years old. The fit is pretty much impeccable. It's maybe a tiny bit tight in the shoulders, but the waist and bust just fit like a glove. Thank you so much for making my dress dreams come true, Very Vintage!
It's a 50s dress with a dropped waist, so I thought I'd add a little 20s flavor to the styling. I set my hair with sponge rollers, and while the final product was a little wilder than I had originally envisioned, I thought it still added a little bit of flapper to the look.
Ok, maybe a little Bride of Frankenstein, but that's cool too.
It was really warm out this weekend, up near 50°, so I hardly even needed a jacket. I was really happy to have an excuse to wear this beautiful velvet cape again, though.
Another thing that I was really happy to be able to bust out again - these killer leopard heels and my back seam stockings. I figured if I was going to do it up, I was really going to do it up.
Oh, and here's a picture of my in full hair and makeup and my nightgown. I just feel the need to remind you all that I'm actually pretty after the serial killer/sheet mask photo. It doesn't have to put the lotion on its skin! I don't even own a hose!
So, what's your favorite dress (or other item of clothing) that you own? What makes it so perfect to you? I'd love to see some pictures, if they're handy. ;-)


  1. Only $15?! That's madness- I definitely was not thinking any where near that price tag when reading about all their services. I mean, heated floors! I spend more money on Manhattans for godsake. You definitely found a gem. And ah, that red dress is a beaut. One of my favorite pieces is this huge silk green skirt, and I love it because it looks fun both dressed up and down. It's such a statement piece and goes with almost everything. And it makes me feel like such a girl :)

    xo marlen
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    1. You should go if you get a chance. It's called King Spa, and it's just in Niles. I think it's about 20 minutes driving from my place out in Logan Square. Definitely worth the trip.
      Oooh, I love green, and I love silk. I'm sure it's a stunning piece, it sounds gorgeous.

  2. Only 15-30 bucks for those services?! Oh my goodness, that's amazing!
    That dress is simply gorgeous! The cape and heels really make it awesome. And as of right now, my favorite outfit (that I haven't made myself) is this one: my dress I've only worn it to try it on, and have yet to wear it out, but I'm sure I'll figure a nice place to wear it. ...could wear it first day back to classes.

    1. That dress looks fantastic on you, you should definitely wear it out sometime. While there are some clothes that are obviously impractical for every day wear, I usually figure that the best stuff needs a good airing sometimes, so I'll dress up for any little thing - a trip to the library, or dinner with friends. It makes every day stuff feel a little more special.

  3. Sweet lady, you look sensational! Drop waist dresses were so common in the 50s and I see them for sale fairly often these days, but one doesn't actually see them sported often in the vintage world. You are an inspiration on the drop waist dress front and I hope others will follow your lead and add some of this very pretty, very classic style to their wardrobe.

    If only we had a Korean spa here. At those prices, I could finally afford a spa trip for the first time! (I've never been to a spa and I've never had a pro mani or pedi either - hard to believe, I know!)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much! I just saw another one on Etsy - baby blue, fur trim, utterly to die for - but it's a bit out of my league, budget-wise. There's something really pretty about drop waisted dresses, and I think if they fit well, there's no reason they can't be flattering too.
      You've never had a mani/pedi? Actually, I didn't have my first one until college, but they are really nice. Treat yourself sometime if you get a chance, they're really pleasant.

  4. Oh my goodness girl! So many amazing things to say! First of all- I totally agree about seeing a wide range of bodies promoting healthy body image. I love Japanese spas for the same reason. :)

    I loooove the cape and the dress on you! You are so so fab WAHHHHH!!!

    Annnnnnnd I am obsessed with sheet masks too! I wear one every night and they are the besssst ever! Weeeeee!!!!!

    1. Oh my goodness, so many sound effects! :P
      In reverse order - I started using one every couple of days (snail extract, so good!) and my skin is so much softer and clearer. It's like a miracle. I may have to start buying them in bulk instead of just using them once in a while.
      Thank you! I can't take all the credit, I feel like they're two of the most special and beautiful pieces in my wardrobe.
      I would love to go to a Japanese spa, and will definitely be visiting one in Japan (I'm planning a trip there in the next couple of years). I hear they're really something.

  5. Loving the hair, looks ace with that super red dress. I love red, and one of my favourite dresses is red. It's modern, but in a sort of '60s style, with a fabric rose and bow attached to the bodice at the front. It was the first dress my Baby ever bought me as a present, so I treasure it. I don't think I actually have ANY photos of it on my blog? I'll wear it again over Christmas no doubt, and will try and take a pic for you.

    And that Korean spa place sounds amazing!!

    1. I'm always demanding pictures of people, I would love to see it! And the spa really is amazing, I would recommend the experience to anyone, and have.

  6. That dress is beautiful - you look gorgeous! And I love the hair with it. Bravo! I love the idea of the Korean spa, but as I'm British the idea of being naked in front of any other human being is literally alien to me ;) the only time I've ever been to a spa here there was certainly no nudity involved!

    1. Thank you girl, you're so nice!
      Is that a British thing? I didn't really know that. I've met a number of Brits, and most of them weren't terribly shy about nudity. I guess it's an individual thing, though.

  7. It's amazing how perfectly that dress fits you. It just looks incredible!

  8. I love the dropped waist effect on 50s style, very figure flattering. You don't think about it when you go to buy it but when you try them on, they really are lovely. When I first saw your face with the mask on, I thought you had an allergic reaction to your seafood "junk food". This is good to know it is only snail extract:P This sounds like crazy stuff and I give you credit for being adventurous to try it out:)

    1. I love the drop waisted effect if they're fitted through the natural waist, it's slim and full at the same time. And the snail extract is great! I'd recommend it to anyone out there.

  9. Really gorgeous outfit and photos! Beautiful x

  10. Lovely dress and you look flawless, what a perfect skin tone and make up!