Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's a whole new year, baby...

In just a couple more days, it will officially be 2015. Exciting, right? Doesn't that sound like a year out of science fiction? Like back in the 60s, they thought we'd have flying cars and children grown in vats by now.
New Year's, of course, is the time when everyone starts thinking about self improvement. It feels like a great time to shed the old, dead skin of the last year, and emerge a radiant new you - sometimes figuratively, sometimes quite literally. Although one day in the middle of winter is much like any other day in the middle of winter, I still think it's useful (or at least fun) to take a chance to make a clean break from bad habits, or resolve, at least for a little while, to create some better ones. Here are my resolutions for 2015.

1) Push my boundaries a little more.
I can be a little complacent. No, that's a lie - I can be really complacent. It's probably my biggest failing in the life, that I never put the effort in to be great when good, or even just ok, will do. On the one hand, it means that I'm not a worrier. The stresses in life don't really get to me, because I've set up my life to be relatively stress free. I don't really want to coast through life anymore, though. This year, I'm going to really push myself, professionally, creatively, and socially. If I want a fulfilling job, I have to go out there and prove to people that I should have it. If I want to publish a short story (or hell, a novel), I have to start with at least finishing a rough draft of something. If I want to make new friends and have a more active social life, I have to go out and meet people in the real world.
These aren't new thoughts, but they're ones that I'm determined to put into practice this year.

2) Save some money.
I've never been great about saving. I have a tendency to feel like any money that I have is there to spend; so long as I don't spend more than what I have, I'm doing ok. Of course, that ignores the reality of living paycheck to paycheck, and I try not to think too much about what would happen if I had a massive, unexpected expense, or got hurt, or lost my job.
It can be hard to resist that siren song of a new dress or pair of shoes, and I am hellaciously good at convincing myself that I should buy things that I want to buy. When you're young and bad with money, people kind of laugh at it. At least when I was in college or had just graduated, I had the excuse that I didn't make enough money to be good with it. I don't really have the excuses of youth or poverty anymore, and it's kind of embarrassing to admit that you can't hold onto a dollar when you've got a good job, reasonable bills, and are edging up near 30. Especially since I'm contributing more towards joint expenses in my house, I really need to buckle down and start setting some money aside for a rainy day. Looking towards the future, Brian and I still want to take that trip to Japan, and someday, we might need a down payment towards a house. Me right now is the same person as me of the future, and me of the future is going to be pretty pissed that I didn't figure any of this shit out when I had the chance.

3) Explore different fashion eras.
While I would describe my style as "vintage/eclectic," a lot of the vintage that I currently own is very much in the 50s/60s New Look mode. I tend to find those styles flattering, and I don't see myself ever leaving them behind. However, lately I've been craving different silhouettes, different styles, and the different attitudes that come with them. I would love to channel the jazzy flapper, the languidly sensual 30s dame, the 60s pop art girl, even the 70s bohemian. This year, I want to make some serious inroads into those different styles. Maybe some of them won't work on my body. Maybe I'll put a new dress on immediately realize that that look just isn't me. Or, maybe, I'll discover a new favorite era or silhouette, and wonder why I didn't give this look a try ages ago. As the saying goes, you never know unless you try.

So that's me. What are your resolutions going into the New Year? 


  1. Fantastic list, dear gal. I like that everything on it seems realistically achievable. I'm all for dreaming big, but sometimes it seems like people make New Year's resolutions posts that pretty much include being an astronaut, curing seven major illnesses, inventing jeans that look good on everyone that wear them, and finally cracking the secret to alchemy all by February 1st.

    I much rather stick with a blend of small and big goals/plans and accept that they're open to change at any point along the journey to their completion or as they grow and develop in different ways. For 2015, one the key things I'm striving for is to create a better, more practical sense of work, play and relaxation balance in my life, lest I suffer a serious burnout (so don't want that!).

    I wish you all the best with these great goals and definitely look forward to seeing the stylish results of the last one here on your awesome blog.

    Happy countdown to 2015!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Great list, and I am totally with you on saving more money! I feel like I'm *okay* at saving money, but I could definitely do better. Sometimes I think if I just changed my spending habits even a little bit, I'd be able to stash so much more in savings.

    I'd like to travel more this year, too. My sister has moved to Virginia, and so I'd really like to explore that part of the country more this year and to go to the beach! I've never been to a legitimate beach on the ocean, and I feel like this is the year to make that happen. :)

    Happy New Year and best wishes!!

  3. Good list!! I have some similar goals, with the additions of traveling a bit more, and treating myself to one big lovely thing a month. I also scribbled up some simple blog related goals, so lets hope I'll stick to those.

    Happy New Year, Jessica! =D It was very lovely discovering your blog toward the end of the year!

  4. I love the sound of these. Exploring different fashion eras is great and saving money is at the top of my list. I wasted way too much last year. All the best for the fresh year.

  5. Good goals! I definitely think the key to bringing about positive change is to set realistic tasks and have a plan for achieving them... It's a shame most of us use NY to do this, but I guess we need some kind of line to step over! I've got some things in mind for the year ahead, but I love your one about the different fashion eras! Saving money is one of the best things I did when I could, although I'm not as well off now as I was so its fallen to the wayside. You won't regret it! CC x